Leadership Education And Development (LEAD) Foundations

Program Description

LEAD Foundations is a flexible, self-paced certificate program offering courses and learning opportunities focused on essential leadership competencies including communication, self-awareness, collaboration, and productivity. Participants will complete a variety of leadership development activities through virtual and in-person instructor-led classes, self-paced eLearning, and active learning events. Connect and engage with other NC State professionals through these experiential learning and leadership opportunities.

All NC State Employees are eligible for participation and have one year to complete the certificate.


Participants must register for the LEAD Foundations program with their NC State Employee credentials on the following page in REPORTER.

Program Cost

LEAD Foundations can be completed with free courses but some course selections may require a fee. Refer to specific course registration pages for pricing information.

Please Note: Course fees are subject to pricing changes.

Program Requirements

Participants are encouraged to utilize this tracking form to assist with their progress. You will need to submit a completed form in order to receive your final certificate for the program.

Core Courses
Complete ALL of the following courses:
Collaborating Across Generations
Communicating Assertively
Increase Engagement and Accountability through Effective Feedback
Leading Collaborative and Productive Meetings
Complete ONE (1) of the following courses:
Communicating Across Styles (formerly Adapt Your Communication Style to Improve Collaboration)
Discovering and Developing Your Character Strengths
Elevating Your Professional Potential
Enneagram: Explore the Nine
Leading with Emotional Intelligence (course fee required)
What's Your Temperament?
Diversity from OIED
Complete ONE (1) Diversity training course offered by the Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity.
Recommended courses include Unconscious Bias and Applied Cultural Identity.
eLearning Courses - LinkedIn Learning
Complete SIX (6) HOURS of eLearning courses on LinkedIn Learning. Participants have the option to complete the LEAD Foundations LinkedIn Learning Pathway. If completed in its entirety, participants will receive a certificate to be uploaded in REPORTER and finish their eLearning requirement. Please remember, this is simply a suggested path. You are welcome to explore additional LinkedIn Learning content under the "Leadership" category of the course catalog.
LEAD Electives
Complete any THREE (3) LEAD Electives from the list of eligible courses found on the LEAD Course Catalog.
LEAD Learning Events
Complete any TWO (2) LEAD Learning Events that are found on the LEAD Professional Learning page.

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Alexa DeFalco, ardefalc@ncsu.edu
Program Manager