SHRA and EHRA Non-Faculty Management Essentials Training Program

Program Description

To pursue a culture of organizational excellence and continuous improvement at NC State, we are committed to the investment of training and professional development for our employees.

As part of our campus-wide training initiative, we are excited to announce a new, two-day interactive training program, Management Essentials, designed to provide our managers and supervisors with the foundational leadership skills, knowledge, tools, and resources needed to effectively manage their employees and project teams. Training content for this program will include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Leading at NC State
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Developing and Motivating Your Employees
  • Managing Workplace Operations & Compliance
  • Leading Teams & Managing Organizational Change
  • Managing Employee Performance and Increasing Unit Productivity

Additionally, during the training, managers, and supervisors will create a leadership development action plan and will have an accountability-training partner assigned to them following the program to ensure continuous learning and improvements are implemented. All managers and supervisors who successfully complete the training will also receive a free one-year license to the COMPASS Online Learning System to continue their leadership development at NC State.

Target Audience

Only non-faculty managers and supervisors with permanent direct reports are required to complete the Management Essentials training program during FY 2017-18.

Employees working for CALS County Extension and Campus Enterprises will not need to enroll in the campus class dates. Instead, we will offer additional training sessions at convenient times and locations.  HR representatives from the respective divisions will communicate directly with employees required to attend training when the dates and times are available.

Program Cost

There is no cost for the program. Participants will also receive a 1-year Compass Online Learning license at no charge.


This is a required 2-day training.



What Participants are Saying

  • “I really liked the pieces on budget and the ethical decision-making framework. The meeting piece and branding pieces were also very beneficial.”
  • “I loved to talk about the Culture of NC State, and how we pull that into our department/team culture. It really makes me think about what our culture is and how can we be more of the NC State culture. I also love the communication style piece of it.”
  • “I found it very useful to be able to connect with other colleagues about leadership issues that affect us.”
  • “I really liked the integration of NC State’s core values, as that is at the heart of what each department should strive for”
  • “I found the section on the stages of team development to be useful in thinking about the past and current dynamics of my own team and also in considering best paths forward to ensure that team members were on the path to excellence”
  • “Managing performance, SMART goals and Coaching for performance improvement”
  • “I found the Organization Chart of NC State very useful. It helps me to look at the big picture and understand how my division and my role fit in this organization”
  • “Exchanging ideas with other supervisors from different departments.”


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NC State Learning and Organizational Development
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