Responding to Feedback

Keep your response to leadership feedback positive, simple, focused, and fast. Say thank you and avoid promising to change what you cannot.  In this video, Marshall Goldsmith says responding to feedback in the form of evaluations need not be overwhelming or intimidating. The keys are to keep it positive, simple, focused, and fast. After viewing Read More »

Bring on the Battles to Resolve Conflict

In a genius partnership, conflict that is approached correctly can be healthy and productive. Jennifer Kahnweiler discuss how disagreements and friction among partners are necessary for hashing out innovative solutions.  After viewing the video, answer a “Questions to Ask” and select an “Ideas for Action” to incorporate into your routine this week. Ideas for Action Read More »

Developing Others

Developing employees is accomplished by bring new experiences to the employee and the employee to new experiences.  In this video, Jason Jeffay challenges manager to think beyond competencies and capabilities and explore experiences. After viewing the video, answer a “Questions to Ask” and select an “Ideas for Action” to incorporate into your routine this week. Read More »

Empower to Go Faster

When Steve Strout played chess as a child, his dad taught him to think ahead five moves. He teaches that approach to everyone, at all levels. It allows the team to go faster — to learn faster, decide faster, recover faster. But you can only go as fast as the person in the front. After Read More »

Taking Your Team to the Next Level

A plethora of methods are available to build a competitive team that is capable of producing consistent results, often resulting in confusion as to which is best.  In this video, Elizabeth Doty, believes taking your team to the next level begins with viewing employees as a cohesive, integrated group. After viewing the video, answer a Read More »

Leaders Build Excellence in Others

It might sound like a cliche, says Monhla Hlahla, but the heart of leadership is seeing the best in others and bringing them alongside you.  In this video, Monhla Hlahla, asserts successful leadership is based on understanding people – what inspires them, motivates them, and is best about them. After viewing the video, answer a Read More »

Healthy Conversations

In this video Judith Glaser, introduces the three levels of a healthy conversations.  In a level #1 healthy conversation we exchange information non-judgmentally, just trying to connect. Level #2 is a positional conversation; one of us is advocating a position. Level #3 is a transformational conversation, where we are willing to be influenced by each Read More »

Play your Role at the Right Altitude

Do-manage-lead represents different altitudes or levels of engagement in your approach to work. Team leaders who are supervising others should abandon the do level — hands-on tasks — in favor of managing through the use of interpersonal skills, that is, developing others and themselves to get work done.  In this video, Erica Peitler explains the Read More »