Saving for Your Future

Class Number: HR-LOD27


This course is designed to provide detailed information for the retirement programs offered at NC State University. Participants will learn the differences between defined benefit plans, defined contribution plans, and supplemental retirement plans. The course will focus on saving for one’s future by utilizing the retirement plans (both mandatory and voluntary) at NC State.


Maternity & Paternity Leave

Class Number: HR-LOD26


This course will provide an overview of the Family and Medical Leave (FML) policy, specifically maternity and paternity leave for the birth and care of a newborn and for the care of an adopted or foster child. Participants will gain an understanding of the FML process, including when and how to apply for leave. The course will address the most frequently asked questions by NC State employees regarding maternity and paternity leave for example, “How do I get paid while on leave?”, “Can I take sick leave?”, and “Am I eligible for Voluntary Shared Leave?” Audience: Expectant or intending parents and Departmental HR Representatives and Campus Leave Administrators who deal with FMLA leaves of absences. Emphasis is on policy procedures set forth by the University.


Benefits, Perks and Discounts at NC State

Class Number: HR-LOD36


This course is designed to increase one’s understanding of the benefit programs at NC State University. The course will focus on increasing the knowledge of benefit programs, benefit eligibility, status changes and the laws affecting them. Participants will understand how employee recognition programs are designed, administered, and funded. The course will focus on the employee recognition programs and perks offered at NC State.


Leave Coordinator WolfTime Training-Online

Class Number: HR-WT110-online


The WolfTime system will provide electronic timekeeping capability and replace the current web leave system. Staff and Faculty will access WolfTime through the Employee Self Service section in the MyPack Portal.

The Web-based system, which is similar to other UNC system schools, will be utilized by all SHRA and EHRA employees to manage their absence leave request. It will also be utilized by nonexempt SHRA and EHRA employees to record hours worked using a wall-mounted time clock, computer, or a smart device. Each department will decide how an employee will enter time into the system. Supervisors/Managers will be able to review direct line reports time and leave submissions on a weekly basis through the “For Managers” dashboard, available in MyPack Portal.



Wage & Hour and Time Sheet Administration for SHRA Non-Exempt Employees

Class Number: HR-LOD19


This is a collaborative course delivered by representatives from Talent & Organization Solutions, Human Resources Information Management (HRIM), and Leave Administration. This approach enables Central HR to provide you with comprehensive training on topics related to state and federal wage & hour policies and the related time record keeping specifically for SHRA Non-Exempt employees. The course is recommended for supervisors, HR representatives, payroll coordinators, and leave administrators.