Additional Compensation Training

Class Type(s): HRIM,

Class Number: HR-LOD31


The Additional Compensation training course is mandatory for all employees with additional compensation system access designated as the initiator, business office approver and/or research office approver. This course will provide an interactive learning experience related to initiating, approving, and processing additional compensation payments.


  • Upon completing this course you should have or be able to:
  • Understand how the University defines Additional Compensation
  • Understand and apply the concepts REG 05.58.01 – Additional Compensation Paid through the University.
  • How system access and workflows roles are structured
  • How to navigate and manage items such as Email Notifications / Access, Reporting, and Approval Queue
  • How to navigate and review existing Additional Compensation actions
  • How to enter a new Additional Compensation request.
  • Understand the system structure for Summer Research payments
  • What to consider while preparing for summer additional compensation transactions
  • What resources and material may be important

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