Develop a Customer-Oriented Approach

Class Type(s): Professional Development,

Class Number: HR-LOD102
Cost: $50



Excellence in customer service is a critical success factor for every college and department within the University.  Learning how to have a customer-oriented approach not only leads to satisfied customers but also leads to greater efficiency and effectiveness. In this course, participants will gain awareness of how to develop the customer-oriented competency areas of Clarity, Awareness, Attentiveness and Diplomacy.


Facilitator: Stephanie Davis


  • Learn how to listen to determine the most effective ways to address customer needs and concerns.
  • Discuss how to seek customer input for developing ideas and solutions to meet customer needs in a proactive manner.
  • Discuss the importance of following through on commitments, despite time pressures or obstacles, and maintaining relevant communication with customers until job is completed.
  • Practice communication techniques to maintain a professional and respectful tone when dealing with frustrated customers/clients especially during sensitive or confrontational situations.

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