Effective Interpersonal Communication

Class Number: HR-LOD140
Cost: $50



In our team-oriented workplace, effective interpersonal communication is a key ingredient of successful collaboration and collegiality. This interactive workshop will provide participants an opportunity to explore and practice a core range of foundational interpersonal skills that contribute to achieving common goals without compromising one’s individuality. Discover how to navigate common communication barriers; listen to maximize understanding; communicate information and ideas with clarity; advocate for yourself; and initiate productive, mutually-respectful dialogue for mutual understanding.


Facilitator: Anne White


With effective ongoing practice, you will be able to:

  • Establish rapport with others
  • Effectively inquire and listen in order to understand others’ perspectives
  • Differentiate between assertive, passive, aggressive, & indirectly aggressive communication
  • Express yourself with clarity, credibility, and tact
  • Manage your non-verbal messages
  • Initiate & facilitate productive, mutually-respectful dialogue for mutual understanding
  • Establish and maintain professional boundaries without becoming inaccessible
  • Be consistently genuine when interacting with others

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