Improving Managerial Effectiveness with Versatility

Class Number: HR-LOD134
Cost: $100


Inadequate interpersonal skills are the main cause of leadership failure. In this interactive course, participants will receive and review TRACOM’s Improving Managerial Effectiveness with Versatility Concepts Guide which helps managers understand their own behavioral Style, the behavioral Style of their direct reports, and how Styles interact to affect interpersonal relationships and productivity in the workplace. The Concepts Guide takes participants through the steps of understanding, observing, and learning how to deal with human behavior. In the process managers will see how others perceive their behaviors and how both perceptions and behaviors can be adjusted to increase workplace performance.

Participants can learn to identify SOCIAL STYLEs, and learn strategies for working more effectively with direct reports of each Style. In addition, they can learn mechanisms for increasing their effectiveness by enhancing their Versatility with direct reports.


Managers will learn how their direct reports perceive their behaviors.

  • Managers will be able to identify the SOCIAL STYLEs of their direct reports.
  • Managers will find out what adjustments to their own behaviors need to be made in order to create more effective relationships with their direct reports.
  • Managers will develop an understanding for how to increase or decrease levels of tension to adjust productivity.
  • Managers will discover how to gain more support and respect from their direct reports.

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Post-Training Micro-Learning:

SOCIAL STYLE Navigator® is available free of charge to anyone with a SOCIAL STYLE profile. The mobile-friendly platform includes modular content to support specific learning objectives. The application includes the SOCIAL STYLE Advisor, the SOCIAL STYLE Estimator, and eLearning modules on the topics of Managing Conflict, Working in Teams, Coaching Others and Achieving Higher Versatility.

Participants will also receive the Concepts Guide and Applications Guide to utilize for reference and continued application and practice.

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