Increase Engagement and Accountability Through Effective Feedback

Class Type(s): Professional Development,

Class Number: HR-LOD144
Cost: $50



Feedback is one of the top engagement drivers in the workplace. Regardless of position, everyone needs skills to give and receive effective feedback in order to continuously improve. Embracing a feedback centric culture increases clarity and business agility. When people get into the habit of sharing feedback more regularly, it gives them increased opportunities to know when to course correct, or which strengths to focus on. For managers, learning how to share feedback in the moment will help the overall performance of their team. For individuals, being immediately notified of an area for improvement saves them from an unpleasant surprise when the annual performance review comes around.

Learn how to give and receive feedback in a constructive manner that is honest and relevant through a proven process. Participants will have opportunities for practicing in a safe and interactive classroom environment and will receive a quick guide resource to refer to when applying the new techniques back in the workplace.


Facilitator: Kevin Rice, Ph.D., and Kathy Woodford, Employee Relations




  • Learn how to provide candid, timely, and constructive feedback on behaviors using a feedback model
  • Explain the characteristics of effective feedback
  • Understand the value of providing feedback that is objective observed feedback while avoiding subjective judgments
  • Apply a best practice in how to respond effectively to feedback
  • Practice skills through role plays




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