Influencer Training: The New Science of Leading Change (2 Days)

Class Type(s): Professional Development,

Class Number: HR-LOD210
Cost: $350


The best leaders know how to get individuals to work together to accomplish goals. In contrast, we struggle to enable our colleagues to complete projects on time and on budget. We do our best to motivate employees to demonstrate more concern for profitability or following procedures. We provide incentives for our sales teams to hit quota. In summary, we continually work on ways to exert our influence, but we regularly fall short.

In spite of the fact that we’re routinely trying to alter behavior, few of us can articulate an effective strategy to create this behavior change. It’s time this changed. By drawing from the skills of many of the world’s best change agents and combining them with five decades of social-science research, Influencer Training creates a powerful and portable model for behavior change.

Who Needs Influencer Training?
Whether you’re managing a team of ten or leading a large organization, Influencer Training provides the skills you need to change the behavior of others. The course is also highly effective for those without formal authority, as well as emerging leaders.

What to Expect during Training
Influencer Training uses a combination of live training, compelling videos, and a written toolkit to aid learners. Learners will engage in extensive in-class practice, group discussions, and personal planning.


  • Identify the high-leverage behaviors you should focus on
  • Diagnose the real causes behind behavior problems
  • Effectively motivate and enable others—regardless of formal authority
  • Create behavior-change strategies that yield rapid, lasting results

Participant Materials

  • Influencer Participant Toolkit
  • Influencer Model card
  • The Six Sources of Influence™ card
  • A copy of the New York Times bestselling book, Influencer: The New Science of Leading Change 2nd Edition
  • Influencer Audio Companion
  • A course completion certificate

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Influencer Training Agenda

Facilitator: Tina Bennefield

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