Managing and Navigating FMLA, Workers Comp & Leave

Class Type(s): Benefits,

Class Number: HR-LOD09


This course is designed to increase one’s understanding of Worker’s Comp, disability, FMLA, Scholarly Reassignment and leave programs at NC State University. The course will focus on learning how to assess various employee situations and understanding how to help direct employees to and through the correct program. Participants will receive instruction and resources designed to better understand Worker’s Comp, disability, FMLA and Leave programs along with the laws, regulations, and policies governing them. Emphasis is on program procedures set forth by the University.


Provide the details of Worker’s Comp, disability, FMLA and leave programs. The participant will learn about procedures and tools available such as the Web Leave systems, and learn processes and other resources to equip them to successfully guide employees through the various types of leave.

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December 15, 2020

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