WolfTime Management for Supervisors

Class Type(s): HRIM, Procedures and University HR Processes,

Class Number: HR-LOD10


This course is designed to help supervisors manage their direct line reports through the “For Managers” dashboard and the fluid tiles supporting timesheet and absence management. This course will cover reviewing, updating, and approving employee timesheets along with reviewing absence request submitted (EHRA/SHRA) through the WolfTime system.



  • Accessing the manager dashboard
  • Reviewing the different sections of the dashboard
  • Review the devices used to clock In/Out
  • Explain how often timesheet updates occur in the HR System
  • Accessing, reviewing, and managing employee timesheets using the weekly calendar
  • Modifying and documenting a timesheet update
  • Approving employee timesheets and absence request
  • Explain the payroll period lockout schedule
  • Exception Alarms (Troubleshooting and Clearing)
  • Displaying or printing processed timesheets
  • Review Payable Time Details

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