WolfTime Timekeeper and Leave Coordinator Training

Class Type(s): HRIM, Policy, Procedures and University HR Processes,

Class Number: HR-WT112


The first part of this course is designed to help Timekeepers support and manage employee timesheets utilizing the “My Employee Time” quick link options. This course will cover reviewing, updating, and approve employee timesheets submitted through the WolfTime system.

The second part of this course is designed to provide Leave Coordinators with additional guidance on the processing of Leave Coordinator duties and how to assist faculty and staff with inputting their personal leave.


Part 1 Timekeeper Objectives:

  • Accessing the “My Employee Time” quick link options
  • Reviewing the quick link options
  • Review the devices used to clock In/Out
  • Explain how often timesheet updates occur in the HR System
  • Accessing, reviewing, and managing employee timesheets using the weekly calendar
  • Modifying and documenting a timesheet update
  • Approving employee timesheets
  • Explain the payroll period lockout schedule
  • Exception Alarms (Troubleshooting and Clearing)
  • Displaying or printing processed timesheets
  • Review Payable Time Details

Part 2 Coordinator Objectives:

  • Answer question on entering a leave request for an employee
  • Further, understand how to enter leave request for multiple employees
  • Learn tips and tricks on how to review employee absence balances
  • Review how to search for results by calendar group
  • Entering FMLA actions and subsequent leave actions to support the FMLA request
  • Changes in the Adverse Weather process
  • Entering Workers Compensation leave
  • Learn tips and tricks on how to modify or update an employee’s leave request
  • Learn about the process of moving to automatic comp on demand payout or banking of comp time, what that means to your departments

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