Performance Leadership Program

Program Description

Performance Leadership is a program designed for managers who want to experience best practices for enhancing employee and organizational performance. This semester long program is anchored by 13 courses that allow participants to experience learn and apply strategies that drive organizations to successful results. Topics range from understanding yourself as a leader, leveraging team communication styles, making strategic team decisions, managing conflict in the organization, leading change, creating a culture of feedback, coaching for performance, and more. This program requires the participation in a 360 evaluation with 1-on-1 coaching. The program includes resources such as the Compass online learning, the FYI (For Your Improvement) Guide and other tools for success.

Core competency areas of the program include:

  • Developing Teams – ability to establish clear; shared goals for team; develop a sense of commitment; and work to resolve interpersonal issues
  • Communication – clearly conveying a message and listening for understanding
  • Hiring The Right People – developing a systematic approach to interview and evaluate candidates, and making good hiring decisions based on the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for a particular job
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback – giving constructive and timely feedback on performance
  • Coaching – enabling self-sufficiency in employees to make decisions and take action
  • Leading vs Managing –  developing a framework for understanding the importance of effective leadership and management, the important roles both play in achieving team effectiveness and success.
  • Managing Conflict –  focusing on how to manage our own reactions, perceptions, and behaviors during conflict and how to guide others to do the same.
  • Ethics – making decisions that reflect individual and organizational responsibility in regards to products, services and relationships with stakeholders.
  • Leading Change in Organizations – developing a plan for leading and sustaining a commitment to organizational change

What Participants are Saying

  • “The results proved amazing for my department and for me.  Now, that I took the time to participate in PL, it seems like a “no-brainer” that as the workforce changes, the University changes, and the world changes it will always be critical to make sure that you as a leader are keeping pace and changing your leadership strategies to best accommodate the needs of your workgroup/department and those of the University.  If you value the quality of the service you provide in your role at NC State, PL is a great way to demonstrate your commitment to your staff, colleagues, and the University.  You’ll be glad you did it.”
  •  “Performance Leadership has enhanced my leadership and management ability, not just by teaching skills and strategies, but more importantly by providing the opportunity and impetus to reflect deeply on myself and how I manage and lead others. Getting caught up in day to day tasks, I don’t usually take this time to reflect, yet it is in the reflection, not the action that learning occurs.”
  • “The content of each course is relevant and applicable to your job, but what is most valuable is the built-in network on campus that you develop from going through the program with a similar group of people.”
  • “The experience of being part of a group of supervisors and managers, in an environment that allows candid and relevant conversations has boosted my confidence level greatly. The course material is a great addition for a managers’ tool belt and TOD ‘coaches’ put together sessions that make it worth coming back for each time.”

Target Audience

Full time N.C. State University Managers and Supervisors.

Program Cost

$425 per N.C. State University Faculty and Staff


The Performance Leadership Development Program is a semester long leadership development program that meets on Wednesdays from 9 AM – 4:30 PM on a bi-weekly basis.  Please review the Performance Leadership Spring 2017 schedule for a complete list of session dates and times.

Registration for Required Courses

To request enrollment for Performance Leadership, please access the MyPACK Portal, and menu path: Employee Self-Service > Learning and Development > Request Training Enrollment > then use course number ‘HRPL00‘ for Performance Leadership Orientation, click the ‘Available Sessions’ link.  Select the orientation session date listed and submit the request.

Once enrolled in and confirmed for the program, each participant will be aautomatically registered for all of the required courses and a notification containing a list of dates, times and locations for all sessions will be sent to each participant.


Tina Bennefield, Program Manager
919-515-9576 or

NC State Training and Organizational Development
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