Talent Development Services

Talent Development is the process of changing an organization, its employees, its stakeholders, and groups of people within it, using planned and unplanned learning in order to achieve the goals of the work unit, department and university. We help managers assess their workforce by partnering with Talent & Organization Solutions.

Audience and costs (where appropriate) associated with each depend on the nature and scope of the project.  A Statement of Work (SOW) is offered after initial consultation for each request that includes recommendations and pricing for work/services delivered.

Individual Development

Whether the focus is development of a leader or a team, individual assessment helps lay the foundation for insight and change.   L&OD uses a variety of assessments to facilitate individual development.  Confidentiality of such services is paramount; thus, reports are shared only with the participant.  A Statement of Work (SOW) is offered after initial consultation for each request that includes recommendations and pricing for work/services delivered.

  • 360 Assessments
  • Coaching
  • New Leader Onboarding and Transitions

New Leaders Onboarding & Transitions

New Leader Onboarding

The onboarding process for new leaders is built around the concept of building relationships, understanding the organization’s culture, and developing and integrating business plans and goals.  This is typically administered in a coaching, one-on-one format.

  • Audience: Mid to Upper level managers and above with minimum of four direct reports.
  • Cost – Varies, depends on the needs of the client.

New Leader Transitions & Acceleration

The New Leader Transitions & Acceleration process uses a practical approach to facilitate the rapid development of strong, positive working relationships between new leaders and their staff/others with whom they will be working closely. The process hastens the establishment of meaningful communication by dispelling myths, exchanging ideas and openly discussing issues with team members as soon as possible after assuming a leadership position. The process gives new leaders the critical information and relationship-building edge they need to succeed.

  • Audience: Director level and above with minimum of four direct reports.
  • Cost – Varies, depends on the needs of the client.

Coaching Services

One-on-one sessions are designed to help individuals gain new skills and overcome obstacles that stand in the way of their own career as well as their team’s progress.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching builds leadership capability to achieve short and long term organizational goals.  Through a one-to-one interaction with an executive coach, the participant is guided through experiential and customized leadership processes.

  • Audience – Individuals in director-level roles or higher with direct reports
  • Costs – Varies. Learning & OD does some of this internally, and also has a referral list of external executive coaches with negotiated rates.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching includes a one-to-one experience with a coach, focused on building/enhancing the participant’s leadership capability. A typical session includes the administration of a 360-degree assessment and/or a behavioral assessment.  Participants complete a development plan to address specific leadership development goals.

  • Audience – Clients in formal leadership roles (supervisors, directors, managers, )
  • Costs – Varies, depends on the needs of the client.

Career Coaching

Career coaching can help you evaluate your strengths, assess your career fit, and develop a plan for your career path. Coaching sessions may include the use of one or more of the following assessments to help you identify focused development areas for achieving your specific career goals:

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Step I: This online assessment yields your four-letter type; multiple reports available for different purposes, including career reports.
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Step II: This online assessment includes results for Step I and Step II. Step II has 20 preference facets that affect work behavior.
  • Clifton Strengths Finder: The Clifton StrengthsFinder is a  customized report that lists your top five talent themes, along with action items for development and suggestions about how you can use your talents to achieve  career, and personal success.

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