HR Professional Training & Resources


Training Courses and Videos

This is a reference sheet to help guide you through some of the core and common training courses recommended for HR Professionals at NC State.  This is not an all-inclusive list of the professional development opportunities available, but is intended to help kick off your training journey. (Stay tuned for a more defined HR professional training program from our Learning & Organizational Development group in the future.)

Core Recommendations

These core courses are generally recommended for the majority of HR professional positions on campus regardless of their area of focus. Each person will have an individual development plan and may want to include some or all of these courses.

*Required for new HR Leads

Elective/Job Specific Recommendations

The following courses are recommended based on the variety of focus areas that HR professional positions may be exposed to. Each person will have an individual development plan and may want to include a variety of these courses based on the needs of the individual or position.

Course TitleLocation
Employment and Payment of Foreign Nationals (HR-LOD13)REPORTER
Employment Eligibility Verification: I-9 and E-Verify (HR-LOD18)REPORTER
Leave Coordinator WolfTime Online Training (HR-WT110-online)REPORTER
Managing EHRA Appointments (HR-LOD40)REPORTER
Maternity & Paternity Leave: What you need to know about Family and Medical Leave (FML) (HR-LOD26)REPORTER
PeopleAdmin 7 – Basic (HR-LOD24)REPORTER
Processing Biweekly (Non-Perm) Actions (HR-LOD30)REPORTER
Processing Faculty and Non-Faculty (Perm) Appointments (HR-LOD20)REPORTER
Recruitment and Selection (HR-LOD15)REPORTER
Saving for Your Future through NC State’s Retirement Programs (HR-LOD27)REPORTER
SHRA Performance Appraisal Program Supervisor Training HR-ER47REPORTER
SHRA Disciplinary Action ProcessREPORTER
e-SHRA Performance Appraisal Training for Employees Online Training HR-ER48-OnlineREPORTER
Wage & Hour and Time Sheet Administration for SHRA Non-Exempt Employees (HR-LOD19)REPORTER
WolfTime Training Videos for AdministratorsHRIMA
Department Onboarding (Video 5m 16s)Onboarding Center
LinkedIn Learning–Training library with many more options for you to chooseLinkedIn Learning
Query Training (videos)HRIMA